Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Den of Vintiquity & other stuff.


Welcome to my new post. Seeing as I've finished my exams for the moment and have taken a few days off work to get over them, I thought I could use the time sensibly and put some pictures up of... stuff! I will also be updating the website with some new items.

I spent Tuesday taking new items into @denofvintiquity at What the Butler Saw in Leigh on Sea, Essex: I'm knackered! 

Summer is coming. It *IS* - isn't it..? Well, I'm being optimistic and set up a little garden/summer section. The rustic, distressed upcycled table and trug were made by a one-armed man in Norfolk. I think his work is beautiful and plan to get more items in the future. 
I've displayed a vintage style wire cake stand, coloured glass jugs and bunting on the table because this is all you need for the perfect garden party; apart from the Pimm's!

Large vintage style clock and a new hand made, unique stained glass mosaic item. 
 This upcycled pigeon-hole unit is AMAZING! Everyone loves it. It's beautiful, unique and useful. 

Den of Vintiquity sells vintage, handmade, upcycled and antiques. These are antiques! Five framed postcards from 1820.  
 Art Deco glass unit is for display only at the moment but there are lots of lovely vintage glass cake plates and bon-bon dishes inside!

 1950/1960s child's chair with a vintage school slate. 
 New painted bookcase arrived as well as some vintage tins. 

Here are some special items we've added to the unit. Really lovely - Den of Vintiquity *only* sells items that we would be happy to have in our homes. It does make it hard selling the stuff rather than keeping it though!

An authentic French chateau shutter upcycled decorative hanging item. Very popular! 
Cries of London tea caddy! 
 Taxidermy butterflies tea tray! An acquired taste.
 Victorian inkwell.
Vintage glass trinket.
These hand made glass stain pieces are made in Cambridge and have done really well. They are obviously all unique and are a statement if displayed well. We have a framed one with fairy-lights bunched behind it!

I didn't manage to get all the new items we have in the unit, these items are still to come or will be going on the online shop. 
 This wicker laundry basket just needs a good clean. 
 Laundry basket came with loads of vintage fabric!  
 Vintage knitting magazines and sewing patterns. 

In a couple for weeks time it's the Diamond Jubilee festival and the little orange Mini's place has now been confirmed for the classic car boot sale! This means I really need to get on and organise what we're taking. I do know we are taking these handmade fabric and button brooches. They were made in Norfolk for the charity Compassion UK which is a Christian charity dealing with child poverty in 26 countries. 

Some of our commemorative items that are from the coronation to the Golden jubilee celebrations. 

We'll be selling some hand-knitted Jean Greenhowe characters including a postman and a town crier too.
We have more stuff to take but I'm concerned we won't be able to fit it all in the Mini! 

So, a bit of info on what's going on at Den of Vintiquity and the classic car boot sale. I'll leave you with this kitsch beauty I saw in B&Q: a jubilee garden gnome. I don't know whether I love it or loathe it. I umm... I think I LOVE it as it's so bad it's good *blush* 

Hopefully I'll see you soon at the jubilee festival!

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