Monday, 9 January 2012

Going to start a blog!

But will anyone check it out? Time will tell. Time will also tell as to whether I actually blog!

It's been my NY resolution to get more involved with the local (Leigh, Essex) vintage community. Really, it means getting involved with the national vintage community. Everyone seems to know everyone. Well, everyone follows everyone on Twitter anyway.

My plans for this year are to get more followers on Twitter than my brother-in-law Glen, and to start sourcing and selling vintage and antique science and medical items.

Unfortunately, Glen is beating me on the follower front. Although he used to play sort-of-professional football and owns a successful goal keeper glove company and has many contacts... Hmm, erm yes,well. It's not about the quantity, it's about the quality of the followers. Most of my current followers are all lovely. Although I do have a few who have some odd things in their bio... about wanting stuff done to them... I don't follow those ones back.

I am currently having more success with the sourcing of vintage/old almost antique science stuff. Woo! Due to the bosses "LEAN-ing" the lab, we are clearing out old rubbish. Some of it has been there years... and I mean years. If I could sell the solutions and powders I'd be going into antique territory! Some of our stuff has been stored in a place called The Dungeon, which has now sadly been cleared out and we can't use it for health and safety reasons. I did miss out on a couple of beauties which got re-homed; some glass jars which I hear are now pasta jars and some old scales... boo. BUT! I did acquire some old bottles that held solutions. They do need a clean but they are about 30 odd years old and would look great with pretty things in them... or used as a smelly room diffuser thing or a perfume bottle. Who knows?!

So, I'm sort of on my way to starting this collection of vintage science paraphernalia, although I could start selling stuff now. My house if packed full of old vintage gear. The thing is I don't want to sell it; it's too beautiful and it's all mine! (Oh, and my husbands too, sort of obviously).

Hopefully I learn how this thing works and that this is not that last you hear and see of me!

The bottles. The start of my niche empire?

The Vintage Scientist

You can (please) find me on Twitter @vintagescientis

*sigh* and you can find Glen @sirglenyj and @PROGK


  1. Welcome to blogland! I really enjoyed reading this and hope you continue to post though I am a little erratic and sometimes struggle to find anything interesting to write about. Some people manage to write a post every day - what interesting lives they must lead or is it the other way round if they have so much time to blog? Love your bottles, very in at the moment. I saw some at Ardingly today but they were expensive.

  2. Aww, thank you. Thank you reading the post and I'm glad you enjoyed it! I will definitely be an erratic blogger and I am already struggling to think of the next thing to write about. You seem to do well though, I love your blog!