Friday, 20 January 2012

Spring anticipation blog...
It's been a horridly mild winter and a miserable day today. It has made me look forward to spring when I am definitely an autumnal girl: so I thought I'd post some springtime pictures I took in Southend last year. 

Southend isn't one of my most favourite places in the world, but there are some areas that I love. The place I like the most in Southend in is Clifftown Parade. A walk here in spring is one of the best things in the world. It was even better when the bandstand was around. My most favourite memories from childhood are of seeing the old fashioned acts at the bandstand. Sadly it's disappeared due to the landslide. Here are some pictures from this area. (I know I'm no photographer!)

I love flowers. Some of my favourite flowers are foxgloves: something to do with the images I saw in the Beatrix Potter books as a child from what I remember.

This! This is why I LOVE this area in the spring. It is what I remember from being a child. The blossom on trees and the ground covered as if in pink, fragrant snow (mawkish alert). @nikitheshrimper alert too. Tattooed poser.

A drink after walking from the town. I love Pimms. A refreshing treat at the Cliff's Pavilion after about a 15 minute schmoozy walk from the town.

Now I can't wait for some more springy weather! 

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