Thursday, 2 February 2012

Mini blog.

Well, I've not posted anything for a while. In the near future I will blog a lot more, mainly about my house and the exciting things I'm thinking of doing.

Anyway, I'm posting some pictures now of my husband's (@nikitheshrimper) classic car. Well, I say classic but when my Grandad saw it after being told about it, he said: "that's not a classic car. It's only about 30 years old."

I think he was expecting a "proper" classic car like one of those cars that people hire when they get married. Like an MG TA, or an Alvis, or a Matchl... actually, I know nothing about cars from any era: I had to use Google to get those makes. What he got was a semi-classic car I suppose. A Leyland Mini. A bright orange Leyland Mini.

I don't yet have children, but my husband does. She's called Mandy, (short for mandarin) because the name of your car starts with the same letter as the make and because she's bright ORANGE!

Nik's baby was built on the 13th of June 1980. So it's older than me!

Last year we did the London to Brighton Mini Run which we've got tickets for this year. Nik goes for the Minis I go for the Brighton.

Once again I'm not a photographer...

Taken in Sarfend. 

Obligatory Union Jack cushions.

 Mmmm Rossi ice-cream. 

 This picture is of the Southend Mini Action Club, known to Nik as "the gang." This was taken about 6.00am before everyone drove to Crystal Palace, so as to register to drive from London to Brighton. 

 Mini love runs in the family. This mini, called the Beano due to the name plate, belongs to Nik's dad. 

 En route on some road to Brighton.
 Minis, minis everywhere...
Nik and his baby.  
 Like father, like son.

I've done this blog on possibly the COLDEST day in the world ever (*almost* hyperbole), this picture was taken in Chelmsford last year, on possibly the hottest day of the year. I was walking around with my umbrella up for some shade. 

We're planning on doing the London-Brighton run again this year and I'm trying to persuade Nik to drive it to Norfolk when we visit my parents in the warmer months so we can, erm... cruise... around the beautiful countryside. 

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