Sunday, 26 February 2012

Welcome, to my Den of Vintiquity...

So. The day has finally come where I produce another blog and it's a total self promoting one. The day has also come, after a *long* previous day and night, where I tell the world that the Den of Vintiquity boutique is open to curio, vintique and craft lovers worldwide. I would whoop but I. Am. Knackered.

After literally years of collecting vintage, antiques and beautiful items for our own personal gratification (and my wedding), I and my family have spent the last few weeks frantically organising much of it so we can sell it.

 Conservatory full of... stuff. (Oh Crikey: please ignore the washing basket in these pictures!)

Sitting room during inventory time on Saturday.

My husband, @nikitheshrimper is actually neurotic and probably has OCD. This weekend of mess was not a happy time (although, it got tidied up quickly & we're back to "normal" already).

 One problem with selling this stuff is that I don't want to sell it. I LOVE this Leeway rocking horse. LOVE IT!

Den of Vintiquity - inside What the Butler Saw
119 Leigh Road, Town Centre, Leigh-On-Sea, SS9 1JH

 Imperial typewriter in perfect, beautiful condition. As well as; two hand knitted tea cosys/cosies (hang on, according to spell check there is no plural for cosy yet!?) and a1960's Terry & Sons (of Terry's Chocolate Orange!) chocolate box. The pottery item at the very back, behind the tea pots is a handmade planter from Holt, Norfolk.  

 I'm not only selling vintique, vintage and antiques but lovely new items like these vintage style tin cards. 

 Ideally this would have been in front of a window or a light. Neither available at the moment. It's possible to see it is beautiful though (and handmade).

 Vintage bottles and glass vase with fabric rose garlands.

 Cake stands, bon bon dish and glass vase.

 The ceramic bottle in the middle is a bed warmer! (and an antique). Although I only have one out now, I have TONS of china plates, tea cups and plates at home. They will be for sale - but not all at once.

 New picnic basket containing handmade - by my star of a brother and me - floral bunting.

 This birdcage is around 60 cm tall.

 Some lovely old books inside the birdcage. Books. Books. Books. I love books. 

 Mother of the Bride outfit on the black mannequin; a *very* petite, black sequinned corset on the white mannequin with a 3 string necklace and a lace wedding bolero. 

 Soldier cupboard, more old books, a vintage Samsonite vanity luggage case and my beautiful little rocking-friend. 

 As I tweet as @vintagescientis and work in histology, I will be selling scientific items. For the very adventurous there are some microscope slides of sectioned moths on the way! Here is a set of apothecary-like balances (scales). Also, a lovely large stained glass piece, decorative bottles, a large vase and a handmade/painted cheeseboard and biscuit barrel. 

 We have more artwork coming - we did manage to get this up today though. Framed picture of Bergen Havn (there's definitely no 'e').

So here is the (almost) finished product. It is open! 
What the Butler Saw is an amazing arcade anyway and includes (as well as many other great sellers) the fabulous Poppy-Lauren Vintage Boutique, featured in January's Homes and Antiques magazine. 

Hopefully, see you there...?

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  1. It looks fab!! I'm in tomorrow so will have a good look at all the lovely bits In the pics. Here's to a thriving business Xxxxx