Saturday, 21 July 2012

Spruce up!


So, Den of Vintiquity has been at What the Butler Saw since March, but due to other commitments we've only just got around to decorating it properly. 

The other units at What the Butler Saw are amazing and they've been putting us to shame with their good looks! So we've spent the day painting, putting shelves up and adding lovely new items. 

I think soon I'll be able to start putting in the science items I've collected; which is very exciting for me!

Here are some pictures from our newly spruced up unit with the items currently for sale.

 This is my favourite bit. I love the table, game and lamp. 

 We sell vintage, kitsch, vintiques and new. The kitscher than kitsch Babycham deer have gone down very well!

 I'm very pleased I've put some fairy-lights behind this great stained glass decorative item. It's the fairy-lights which are pink though :D

 We are privileged to be able to sell Cox and Cox items. This lamp is GLORIOUS! 

I took these pictures with my phone and they've been Instagrammed... because I'm addicted to Instagram :D

I would like to say thank you to my parents and husband for putting up with me today: a strict self-imposed schedule to stick to caused me to be a um... a *little* stressed/snappy! 

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  1. After all your hard work, it looks beautiful. Glad that you got it all done and that you also have a lovely new neighbour who also has gorgeous things.