Saturday, 29 September 2012

My social media life & Den of Vintiquity


Sit around and let me explain what social media means to me and what I plan to do with it.

If it wasn't obvious from the offset, this "blog" was started in a fit of procrastination.

I would love to blog properly about vintage, science, histology, dyslexia, my love for the English language, tattoos, how I am simultaneously a good and rubbish feminist, corn-based crisps, Harry Potter, Greek mythology, what shouldn't be labelled as vintage, being hard-of-hearing, my appalling road-rage, being married to punk drummer with a nose ring, still being childless after 30, my love of classical and hardcore-punk music, Radio 4 and the television programme Pie in the Sky, about living in Essex and how I think I am quite funny. If I was not working full time, studying and living (a life!) I'd probably give it a proper crack and may do in future (I'm in my final year at uni, hurrah).

Pinterest was also a tool for my one and only super-power: procrastination. Alas, I have not been on it for months and I loved it at the time. 

I've signed up to Flickr and Tumblr but have not bothered at all with them and will not.

I'm waiting for the right time to delete Facebook as it does my noggin in. 

I find Twitter invaluable for my vintage/vintique/antique pursuits but I am in love with Instagram. 

I'm crap at photography, I have no idea what the different types of cameras are and I don't understand exposure and all that malarkey. However, I love the images I see and take on Instagram. I'm not a Facebook fan and I hope they don't ruin it - I will concede that what they have done so far has made it easy to use. 

There isn't really any snobbery with Instagram images (yet). I don't feel that, as a person who knows nothing about taking pictures, they're being judged for being exposed too long or for having the wrong lighting, ad infinitum. 

So, I love using Instagram and I'm not a blogger. Here's what I *aim* to do using Blogger- post a bunch of Instagrammed (or not, depends on my mood) images, mainly of the beautiful vintage, vintique, antique, upcycled and handmade items I'm selling. This is because I want all my beautiful pictures together. 

Live with it :p

Anyway, here are some items I will have at Den of Vintiquity soon. If you see anything you like, get in contact via Twitter. 

My Den of Vintiquity partners (my parents) won a trunk full of vintage toys at an auction in Norfolk. This jester doll is just one of hundreds of 50/60 year old toys. 
 I absolutely adore it. One of the items I REALLY don't want to sell... and might not!  

This small trophy was also in the trunk. I love how it's burnished and its faded ribbons. 

This small comic is from 1958
1965 edition  

I assume these are lace bobbins but I'm not sure. I cannot see any like them online. 

Wooden toy train. One missing wheel but I have a strong feeling it's in the trunk in amongst a sea of swallow-able toys (vintage = pre Health & Safety). This won't be going into the unit until I have fixed it. 

Not for sale (unless you really want it!) a vintage, cap-less (empty) solid perfume stick. 

These delicious duck-egg baby shoes were bought to display in a Cox & Cox keepsake box we have for sale. 

Vintage Butlin's tin. 

Vintage Oxo tin.  

Vintage wicker picnic basket with wicker fasteners.

I love this vintique brass hooter: the cat doesn't... so I've only hooted it once. 
 Proud of this - what I consider - arty-farty picture. 

This is my pièce de résistance. A unique, upcycled mirror made from a vintage printer's tray. It looks like the grid section has been placed over the top of a complete mirror but each mirror square has been hand cut! Each square is a different size: the glorious mirror man has vowed never to make another. The craftsmanship is beyond amazing.   

I'd keep this if I knew my partners (my parents) wouldn't kill me for doing so. 

Thanks for checking out my pictures (please don't nick them, they all belong to me... they're mine, all mine!). If you would like to buy/ask anything contact me: check out Twitter @vintagescientis or @denofvintiquity or at my website where I sell some items too. I also have lots of cool items at Brassique, the best and only online barter place. 

If you couldn't tell, I'm procrastinating and this is a bit bloggy.

Au revoir pour l'instant 

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  1. that's the beauty of blogs, they can be whatever you want them to be!
    I deactivated my FB for August and have never been back:
    now THAT is a place of procrastination ~ a fools ballroom I call it!