Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Vintage handmade wedding dress

I've had a rubbish day at uni and I can only look forward to work tomorrow (!?), so I'm posting these pictures now. Two posts today because lovely vintage stuff cheers me up! 

This hand made wedding dress was in an auction in Norfolk. It came in a suitcase, with a Teddy bear. 

It is the smallest item of clothing I've ever seen. It's doesn't even fit the mannequin. I've not take the measurements yet, but it was obviously made to measure. It's made VERY well. It'll look great when it's dry cleaned and pressed. 

My mum and I have guessed it's 60s/70 but we're not sure. 

The quality of the pictures are a bit dodgy as I used Instagram, which doesn't show the detail very well. It does make the photos look pretty though. 

There are around 10 buttons but we only managed to do up two as it didn't fit the (roughly size 8) mannequin. 


It came with the garter too. And something blue. 

And the veil! It came with the veil. 

I'm a soppy mare at the best of times but this is so... so, je ne sais quoi.  Poignant? 

So. There is a crinkly, handmade vintage wedding dress. I will be getting it dry cleaned and the crinkles removed professionally. Then hopefully a lovely, vintage bride to be might be able to give it a new home! 

Once again, thanks for looking!

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