Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Vintage kitchenalia! Vintage sledge!


Thought I'd post some photos of items we won at a Norfolk auction last week. Some are for Den of Vintiquity, some for meeeee (and my mum).

When we saw the lot that included this we knew we'd have to have it. My mum is looking forward to making a chocolate snowman cake in the next couple of weeks. The teddy cake tin came in the same lot. 

Stretched for time at the moment, so I've not looked up what the story is with this flask. It has a cork stopper which baffled my mum and me. Not that it takes much to do that. 

I will be attempting to attach these moulds to the kitchen wall at sometime. Thinking of hunting out more and making it a feature. I love the tarnishes.

One lot seems to have come from a house where the kitchen colour scheme was yellow. I've not taken any photos but there's also a vintage meat grinder in yellow. This 1950s cream maker has the instructions with it. 

Now this. This is glorious. A vintage horned German sledge. Just in time for Christmas!

My mum also brought a vintage wedding dress down from Norfolk. But to do it justice I'll give it its own post. 

The sledge and some of the kitchen items will be in Den of Vintiquity soon!
Thanks for looking.

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