Sunday, 4 November 2012

Norfolk vintage haul

Oh hello, another post! 

Here you will find some pictures of our weekend in Norfolk, including a recommendation on one of the best villages to visit, and some brilliant vintage items for Den of Vintiquity. 

If you ever find yourself in Norfolk, you must visit the village of Heydon.
Picturesque doesn't even begin to describe it: I always imagine Miss Marple will walk by. 

After viewing an auction, we stopped off at the village to get some bread for lunch from Husk... well as getting bread we ended up in the tearoom with a soup and cake brunch!

On the way home from Heydon, we stopped off at an antique shop in Martham: Child. In. A. Sweet. Shop. Here are just some of the items we got, can't wait to get them in the unit.

We've had vintage milk bottles before and they were very popular, pleased we've managed to get some more. 

Excited about putting these Pelham hand puppets into the unit too!

 Look, look, look! Kodak Brownie 8mm Movie Camera.

 And finally, another Pelham puppet.

These items will be in the unit by next weekend. If there is anything you fancy though contact me here, on Twitter or by email.

You can find the unit inside What the Butler Saw, Leigh Road, Leigh on Sea, Essex. 

Until next time

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