Saturday, 27 October 2012

Aired and pressed vintage baby clothes

Well, hello AGAIN!

Second lot of pictures today! I even know what I want to do for my next two posts... but I will try and hold it all in.

Anyway, this post is just some more pictures of the vintage baby clothes I posted before. The pictures were a bit naff last time - I'd just draped the clothes over the back of the sofa. 

I've gone to a bit more effort here to show them off better! 

I bought some little hangers, aired the clothes and carefully ironed them (not that you can tell on some of them!)

I've only put pictures up of a few clothes but in more detail than previously. The coat hangers are a tad too big too.

Not being a parent I have no idea what size little person they'd fit. I'll be taking a couple up to my family in Norfolk next weekend and, if her parents are happy with it, I'll see if they fit my beautiful little niece.

For now, ciao... maybe

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