Saturday, 20 October 2012

New stuff, new post & teasers!


Well. It seems people love vintage baby clothes! What with work, uni and Den of Vintiquity, I've not yet got round to sorting them out or deciding what I want to do with them. Hopefully, there is an exciting project being organised for them at the moment though: watch this space!  

Anyway, I'm off to What the Butler Saw to take some new old items in. 

Some lucky couple have bought our hand-painted (Farrow & Ball French Grey) settle, so we have a space to fill! 
Coming soon is a large piece of furniture which I'm really excited about. Beautiful but unusual - I think it will be very popular with the lovely folk of Leigh. 

Today though I will be taking a few smaller items in. such as:

1930s knitting counter/needle gauge.

77x Instamatic camera. Not spud though. He just wanted help me take photos.

Vintique cameras. I love them so much!

Two come with their original cases. 

I love this. I think it looks amazing. 

Although we've not been able to go for the last two years, my husband and I love going to the BBC Proms in the Park. It's amazing. This Londaire Portable Pub is PERFECT for Proms in the Park. 

That's it for the moment.

I'll be at Den of Vintiquity for a while today (inside What the Butler Saw, Leigh Road, Leigh on Sea). As it went so well last time, if anything is bought through me (from my unit) there'll be a 10% discount!

Thanks for looking


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