Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Vintage cocktail cabinet & charity shop furniture.

Hello again!

Just posting some pictures of our newest vintage piece of loveliness: a cocktail cabinet!

My husband and I went for a mooch around Leigh Broadway on Saturday and saw this in the window of the Sue Ryder charity shop. It was a bargain and we had to have it. I say it was a bargain, as a quick Googly-type search brings up cabinets for hundreds of pounds... this was £45.

When we went to collect it the next day, it didn't fit in the car. We CARRIED it home. CARRIED it, I tell you! A ten minute walk home took 40 minutes. Which, thinking about it, isn't bad actually. My arms are still aching now though.

We're on the look our for vintage cocktail ware now.
There is a light here but the lead/plug are vintage - and dangerous - too, so we are looking to get that updated. 

More storage for my vintage medical/science books.

This will be the third large item of furniture we've bought from Sue Ryder. Here are some of our other charity shop furniture bargains.

A useful small book case in the back bedroom.

This has to be one of our best finds at Sue Ryder.

My husband and I swear by second hand/vintage furniture. We both agree it's well made, sturdy, beautiful and generally cheaper. (I'm sure I'm preaching to the converted!) 

We don't have a specific style/era of furniture throughout our home, or even in each room. It's total eclectic, mismatch galore. 

Thanks for looking at my poorly taken photos. 

Dawn x

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